OC TV Mounts


We’ve been installing TV’s for commercial and residential clients since 2006 and we’ve seen and done it all. 

Restaurants, sports bars, conference rooms, medical offices, and of course family rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and patios. 

Some of our most unique installs included installing a large plasma TV flush to the ceiling in a clients bedroom. He wanted to be able to watch TV as usual in bed but also did not want the TV to obstruct his amazing view of the ocean when the TV was not in use. The solution was to give him exactly what he wanted…a TV perpendicular to the ceiling when watching TV but retractable and flush to the ceiling when not in use. 

On another occasion we installed a TV and satellite dish in an RV so that the client could watch TV both inside and outside of his rig. We’ve also installed large projection systems outdoor poolside, and created TV walls (4 or more TV’s on one wall) for the ultimate sports fans. 

Occasionally a custom job requires a custom TV mount and we do that too.  There simply is not TV installation job we cannot manage.