OC TV Mounts

Our Services

We install all types of TV's, in all sizes, in all types of places.

We install all brands of TV’s, in all sizes, in both residential and commercial spaces.

We guarantee our work to complete satisfaction. We measure twice, let you select the desired height, always hit the studs, and always do everything to code. As we are based in Orange County California we have especially quick response time for our Orange County clients. If you have an urgent matter where your TV is coming away from the wall, we often can arrange a same day service call. 

Places we typically install TV’s are in family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, game rooms, media rooms, home offices, garages,  commercial bars, lounges, and conference rooms, but we can install anywhere. If you have a challenging situation we can find solutions for anything.

We also have experience in hanging multiple TV’s on the same wall typically for watching multiple sporting events. In fact, this is how our firm got it’s start…installing in sports bars. 

Our prices are fair, less than the ‘big box stores’, and we are more knowledgeable in doing the job the properly. We know this because we so often are called to repair jobs done by large chain electronic stores.

We live and work in Orange County and value our good reputation so you can have confidence that you won’t receive a service where short-cuts are taken or excuses are given. Our reliability means everything to us, and it is reflected in the high level of quality service in every job we do.  

Our process is simple, just call us and we will quote you over the phone. It’s that simple.

We also provide TV subscription services for continuous savings.